Unimore developed a sound international strategy based on exchange and cooperation programs in order to encourage students to actively interact in a globalized world.

With over 1,000 students per year, both incoming and outgoing, involved in international mobility programs and a solid international research activity with partners located in every continent, Unimore has more than 250 active collaboration agreements with important foreign public and private entities.

New Institutional Framework Agreements

Unimore implements Memorandum of Understandings (Framework Agreements) to enhance its collaboration with Foreign Institutions in the cultural, scientific and technological fields. If your Institution is willing to develop a new agreement with Unimore do not hesitate to contact the International Relations and Students Mobility Office taking into account that our Academic Bodies officially approved the following draft versions:

The following link represents the official database of formal international partnerships with overseas institutions including collaborative research, teaching programmes, international networks and student/faculty/staff mobility:


Double Degree Program

A double degree represents an 'integrated' course of study. An integrated study programme envisages a curriculum that has been jointly designed by two universities and is regulated by a specific negotiated agreement. Students who freely choose the programme undertake defined periods of study in both academic establishments in terms of duration and content. At the end of the courses and after the relevant joint examinations, the students are awarded the final national qualifications of both institutions.

A double degree is always backed up by a collaboration agreement and an integrated curriculum which defines the study periods to be undertaken separately in the universities concerned. In case your Institution is interested in developing such kind of agreement with Unimore, do not hesitate to contact the International Relations and Students Mobility Office: relint@unimore.it.

List of Unimore's Double Degree Agreements

Double Degree Agreement - Draft Version

European Doctorate

The European Doctorate was created by the European University Association (EUA) with the purpose of promoting academic mobility for students attending the 3rd cycle of studies. This title. representing an instrument of major relevance for the academic internationalization of universities across Europe, can be added to the doctorate degree after the conclusion of the PhD program.

In order to obtain the European Doctorate, PhD students must verify that a specific agreement exists between UNIMORE and the other european higher education institution and they must consequently submit an official request to the Coordinator of the PhD Program they are attending. The other criteria with which candidates must comply are those set out by EUA:

  • The authorization to defend the thesis is to be issued upon the receipt of reports from at least two professors affiliated with higher education institutions in two member states of the European community. The reporters must not be affiliated with the institution where the thesis is to be defended and must certify its quality
  • At least one member of the thesis committee has to be affiliated with a higher education institution of a member state of the European Union other than the one where the thesis will be defended
  • Part of the thesis defense is to be performed in other than that of the country/s where the defense will take place
  • At least part of the thesis is to be prepared spending a minimum of 3 months in another member state of the European Union while performing the necessary research activity

Both Framework agreements and Specific agreements (concerning one specific European Doctorate title) to be signed with Foreign Istitutions in order to certify European Doctorates must be implemented using the following draft versions:

Cotutelle Doctoral Programs

A cotutelle doctoral program offers you the opportunity to complete your doctoral studies being enrolled at UNIMORE as well as at another foreign university. In this kind of program you are jointly supervised by a thesis supervisor at each institution and you attend the two universities alternately. You need to take a single comprehensive examination, and you work on a thesis to be defended only once in front of a board chosen by the two partner universities (at least two professors selected by each partner). Once you have completed your doctoral program, each university confers a separate degree, with a mention of the cotutelle collaboration on the degrees, or a single degree commonly issued. To be included in this kind of program, you have to be already enrolled at a PhD course of one of the two institutions.

Cotutelle doctoral program agreements are implemented by UNIMORE's Research Doctoral Programs Office.