Tirocini estero

Tirocinio:Italian Chamber of Commerce
Descrizione:The traineeship is spent in one of the offices of the Chamber of Commerce in Budapest. a. The Administrative office: it deals with the “bureaucratic part” of the Chamber’s work i.e. accounting. The office registers and issues invoices and it keeps track of the partners’ payment status. b. Services office: it provides services both to the Chamber’s associates and non-associates, ranging from market researching to finding partners for the associates. It also provides support to the other branches of the Chamber. c. The Marketing department organizes business or networking meetings for the Chamber’s partners. The intern will also publish articles and a newsletter. d. The European Desk reviews both national and international calls for proposals, particularly from European agencies, in order to find potential projects that either the Chamber or its business partners can develop and participate in; it also deals with the recruitment of potential trainees.
Periodo/Durata: 1st of July Min. 4 months, max. 6 months
Azienda/Settore: Italian Chamber of Commerce
Allegato:Maggiori dettagli
Data inserimento:20/01/2017 12:25:51