Tirocini estero

Tirocinio:Graphic Design positions
Descrizione:The first Host Company is a global pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for digital pathology. Specialising in image management and the rapid analysis of tumour tissue, the company provides innovative software for use in drug discovery research, clinical sectors, biomarker analysis and education. The second Host Company is a flourishing creative agency specialising in brand, advertising and digital marketing. Working from a studio located in the vibrant city of Bristol with 40 employees, they think, design and execute. Founded in 2006, they work with some of the UK’s most ambitious brands. To briefly remind, our service is completely free and interns receive benefits in the form of accommodations, paid utility fees and a commuter's travel.
Paese:Regno Unito
Periodo/Durata: Duration 6 months
Allegato:Maggiori dettagli
Data inserimento:12/03/2018 12:12:58