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Descrizione:The intern would be involved in the following activities: **Task distribution carried out by manager, and tasks done relatively autonomously once trained, with regular check-ups and feedback with management.** 1) Trips around Europe Main person responsible for customers on trip, working as the team leader, overseeing the running of the trip (goes on trips with customers). 2) Social Media Marketing Individually create and post to Facebook and Instagram (daily task) to advertise new trips and help drive user interaction and engagement; opportunity to analyse social media interactions and develop strategies; take photos while on trips to post to social media; edit and enhance photos & videos to share; creation of bi-monthly newsletter. 3) Trip Management & Organisation Contacting hotels, excursion operators, guides, bus operators and other partners as part of trip organisation (use of other languages possible here as the operators are often in country); daily management of customer bookings and reservation lists; social media posts based on trips sales; writing trip descriptions for our website and facebook; changing prices and departure cities for different trips on our system; opportunity to suggest new trips as part of trip development meetings, and/or new excursions for trips; updating of city brochures and maps, including writing informative touristic guides. 4) Customer Relations Management Answering phone calls from customers and using our online system to answer their questions; replying to email and facebook messages from customers (daily); dealing with complaints and more serious customer relations issues with help from manager; giving feedback to management team about how trips went, what worked well, what did not etc; helping customers with cancellations and/or ticket changes. 5) Marketing & Advertising Meetings with management team to think about new marketing strategies, chance here to contribute own views and experiences; then carrying out these new marketing strategies (autonomously with regular update meetings with management); researching new streams of advertising or marketing
Periodo/Durata: Minimum of 3 months Flexible duration of 3-12 months (negotiable)
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