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Tirocinio:New Erasmus traineeship vacancies in Slovakia starting in January/February 2019
Descrizione:Maybe you ask yourself why should you encourage your students to apply for our programme? Well, we have 5 main reasons to support this decision: - GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA. Slovak economy and work opportunities grow fast. The life expenses not that much. - NO FEES. Our assistance and support is completely free of charge. Plus, we support students during the whole internship period. - FREE ACCOMMODATION. Students who come to Slovakia to pursue the internship in the company, are provided with the free accommodation. They do not have to search for the room by themselves, we do it for them. - SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES. Your students will get a high-quality work experience recognized in an international context. - ENGLISH AS A WORKING LANGUAGE. English is important nowadays. We know it. As well as our cooperating companies.
Periodo/Durata: Starting dates in January/February 2019
Link: http://www.placementslovakia.com/current-vacancies/long-term-internships
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